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Bill Gates-Funded School Faces New Bullying Claim Connected to Suicide Attempt

10:33 AM PT — Attorney Ben Meiselas, who is representing the first family, tells us, “What has been most jarring is the utter lack of accountability of the so-called Green Dot School District. As more and more victims at the School reach out to our office it has become obvious that there are systemic issues where the School has protected the bullies and abusers instead of the victims.”

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  原标题:我们是透析患者,没有被忘记  来源:武汉晚报  从1月21号开始,董骏武除了繁重的临床工作,他还要抽空回复微信、打电话、参加视频会,去为他的病人们争取更多透析机、医疗队员。

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  原标题:父亲给疫情一线90后女儿的一封家书  来源:中国日报网  “请战武汉一线,有责任、有担当、有爱心,爸爸很欣慰,全力支持。” 在武汉一线的南昌大学一附院护士黄丽青近日收到了父亲发来的消息,她没有感到意外。

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